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Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud-based business phone systems have the ability to bring stunning new functionality into your business whilst lowering costs and maintenance, with fuss free expansion as your business grows.

What is cloud telephony?

Instead of storing the network and routing elements of a business phone system within your office, cloud-based telephony takes everything offsite. This system is hosted in the cloud, which means your data is securely stored on a server that can be accessed via the internet.

When it comes to using cloud telephony, very little will change for you and your employees and you won’t notice any dramatic differences as calls are made and received in the same way.

However, behind the scenes your calls will be processed in a new way; instead of being routed through an on-site PBX, your calls will be sent directly to your phone.

Is cloud-based telephony right for my business?

Regardless of how big or small your company may be, cloud-based telephony will work for businesses of any size. Designed to improve the efficiency of your business, there are plenty of advantages to switching to a cloud telephony system.

  • Grows with your company
  • Very little maintenance
  • Cheaper for most businesses
  • Fast setup
  • Many advanced features
  • Management tools
  • Uninterruptable service
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