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What Features does VoIP offer?

VoIP systems offer a multitude of features, tailored to your business needs. Including call recording, forwarding, and monitoring, instant messaging, and fax if required. There are also voicemail and email transcription features available for further convenience.

Will Staff need training to use the new systems?

Yes, to get the most out of your new VoIP system training is required and will be provided by us. However, VoIP systems are designed with accessibility and usability in mind and we are very experienced in training employees to use all the features of these systems and we will have your team ready to go in no time.

Will we need to update or change our current office software or hardware?

Yes, this is a big leap forward for your business so there are investments that need to be made when upgrading to a VoIP system. You will need new telephone handsets and headsets, plus tablets and laptops are very useful although you likely already have these. You might also have to discuss upgrading your service package with your internet provider in order to cover the increased bandwidth that VoIP requires compared to a standard phone system.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, all costs will be discussed and agreed upfront. We will explain to you all of the costs you will encounter well in advance. Of course upgrading your infrastructure isn’t free – there will be costs involved and investments you need to make – but these will all be explained to you clearly in advance.

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